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In an example where you're in the process of purchasing a property and are seeking 80% Financing,
multiply the purchase price by .20.   That is the amount of cash down payment you will need to have
available to "put in to the deal" in order to finance the balance.  Then, take the same purchase price
and multiply it by .80.  That is the amount you are proposing to finance.   Take that result, and input
it in to the mortgage calculator below to calculate a monthly payment.  This calculator produces
"principle and interest" payments only, and does not include taxes or insurance.   It should be used
for estimation purposes only, the final amount of your monthly payment will be provided to you
by your lender of choice.

If you want to apply on-line for commercial financing, you can start the
no-obligation process by clicking here.

Mortgage Payment Calculator - Java Script
LodgingIndex LodgingIndex Mortgage Calculator
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