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If you've already inquired about one of our properties and have an interest in purchasing it,
and you want to create and submit a Letter of Intent to purchase it, you can use the template
below.   Carefully fill in each field, check for accuracy, then "Submit".   A draft of your
Letter of Intent will be created and emailed back to you (with a cc: to LodgingIndex), to the
email address you specify.  It is only a draft.

It will not be delivered to the seller of the property.  Once you receive your draft, you can
copy/paste/format it in to a more formal document.   Once that's been accomplished, you can
deliver it to the seller of the property.

LodgingIndex recommends that you seek the counsel of a qualified professional prior to delivering
any final Letter of Intent or contract.   LodgingIndex and its representatives assume no liability.

< Your Name (First Name Last Name)

< Your Address (Street, City, State, ZIP)

< Seller's Name (First Name Last Name)

< Name of Property

< Property Address (Street, City, State, Zip)

< Purchase Price ($ XX,XXX,XXX.xx)

< Deposit Amount (After Letter of Intent is Accepted)

< Amount of Seller Financing Needed ($ XX,XXX,XXX.xx)

< Settlement Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

< Expiration of This Offer (MM/DD/YYYY)

< Your EMail Address

Once you submit the information above, you'll be redirected back to our Home Page.   Don't forget to check
your email shortly; your draft will be generated and delivered there.

If you have any questions regarding this, you can contact LodgingIndex at 805-744-8861,
or via email info@lodgingindex.com.

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LodgingIndex provides Advertisement and Marketing Services only.  LodgingIndex and its representatives
are not licensed real estate agents or brokers, and do not provide any services in that capacity.