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We advertise hotel properties-for-sale on behalf of property owners directly, and on behalf of brokers who are seeking additional exposure for their listed property(s).  Our program starts with the creation and set-up of a full web page/advertisement in living color, with property pictures and information that will run for 6 months.   After the initial 6 month period, the advertisement automatically continues to run for as long as you prefer.

Then, potential buyers can be contacted, directed and pointed to the page and to your advertisement by our team of aggressive lodging industry professionals.  Every inquiry, qualified to a level that you pre-determine, will be forwarded to you; thereafter discussions regarding the sale can commence directly between you and the prospective buyer.

This system is ideal for:

> Sellers who are comfortable in communicating directly with prospective buyers

> Sellers who can "show their property" to prospective buyers

> Sellers who are comfortable in negotiating directly with prospective buyers

> Sellers who are interested in minimizing the cost of selling their property

How do we differ from "For Sale By Owner" Sites?  Most significantly, we don't "sit around and wait" for prospective buyers to discover our site.  Our experience in the hotel industry spans decades, and our database of names, phone & fax numbers and Email addresses is vast.   Every day, we actively contact prospective buyers and direct them to our site.   Furthermore, we will "cross-market" your property-for-sale on other related sites, that will in turn direct more traffic to our website and to your ad.   This is "Guaranteed Results" advertising; if there are no results, you don't pay.  It's that simple.

Ultimately, it is our goal to "spread the word", to put buyer and seller together, and create demand for your property.  This demand will allow you to maximize your selling price and enable you to sell your property directly. If you are sincere in your goal of selling your property, if your price is competitive with "what the market will bear", and if you are willing to spend the time handling prospective buyers, the program will work.

For pricing, additional information regarding advertising a property for sale, or to join and start the program, please contact LodgingIndex.

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